Faculty and Staff Innovation & Excellence

Faculty and Staff Innovation & Excellence

Having Light, we will endow faculty and staff positions, and support outstanding innovation in teaching and research, honoring those who pass on their knowledge and wisdom at Wittenberg.

Why It Matters

Relationships between students and faculty, and students and staff, are a defining feature of the liberal arts experience at Wittenberg. Professors, coaches, program directors, and other staff members deserve the same level of passionate commitment from Wittenberg as they deliver to our students every day.

How We Can Make A Difference 

  • Fully fund endowed faculty and staff positions, powerful recruitment tools that ensure faculty and staff excellence and keep great people at Wittenberg.
  • Support innovation in teaching and research, promoting intellectual curiosity and creativity and keeping the academic experience fresh and relevant.

Why Right Now

Across higher education, institutions are facing unprecedented financial challenges due to changes in student demographics and unpredictable economic upheaval. The need to insulate our faculty and staff from the fluctuations of the market while we boost enrollment and retention is real, and it is urgent. Above all, to support faculty and staff is to sustain the relationships that are at the heart of the Wittenberg experience. 

Twenty years ago, the Defining Moments Campaign raised funds for endowed positions. Having Light is our moment to pick up the torch for faculty and staff support.

Additional giving opportunities

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